Share the Love: Valentines for Kids

LucasThroughout the next few days, as you’re figuring out a special way to let your loved ones know how you feel, here’s a simple and sweet way you can share the love—and give back. You can help the patients at Boston Children’s Hospital celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending a special greeting, which will be included on a banner in the hospital.

That cute little boy to the left is Senior SAN Engineer Dave Hughes’s grandson, Lucas—the poster child for this program. Lucas was born with a congenital heart defect, leaving him with only the right side of his heart. Lucas has had three open-heart surgeries in his three years of life—and is flourishing. But there are many kids at the hospital who aren’t as fortunate. Your note will help lift everyone’s spirits.

On behalf of Dave—and the children and families of countless others at Boston Children’s Hospital—thank you!

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